Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is how it was in Maldives

Last May month was the forth May where I was in Maldives...,With my Experience in maldives,mostly mid of April starting monsoon rainy season,and it s going up to mid of July.

It will be heavy rainy with windy..And through out day..,week and sometimes whole month.
because of heavy wind sea gets rough.And also Transportation between islands will stop when the sea is rough.As you know that, main transportation system by boat in Maldives .passengers and stuffs(cargo) will transport by boat.
So when the sea is rough, even the fishermen are unable to go to fishing.Mostly they will stop fishing during this period.They used to go for boat maintenance work in this season.since we are working in fish factory,we will have free time in this rough weather season.mostly there is less work.

"Madama mas dhony nannany"
this is the sentence we listen from our purchasing department during this period.that mean there is no fishing boat coming for tomorow.With heavy rain we will be in free in our rooms or office unless we got any other works.

Unlilke last few years, there was no rain and heavy wind in last month that everyone expected in Maldives.So fishing was good and the production was good.workers were having good salary with their over time payments.

Now everyone is looking forward to what will happen in this should be heavier rainy season than May month.But the time has changed these things so far and weather has become unpredictable in this region.

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